We are very fortunate to have close partnerships, both strategic and equity-based, with several organisations that allow us to deliver incredible value to our own businesses as well as our clients. Due to the nature of these relationships exclusivity, we enjoy we only share these with our security linked and accredited partners in the member’s area.


World Famous is also involved in the day to day activities of closely affiliated organisations including:

Hawkwood International

Hawkwood International is a social purpose business. We use entrepreneurial principles to organise, optimise and manage a for-profit business that has at its core a mission with both economic and social values. The business is built around events and special projects and we try to create the activity of global significance. Directors: Alon Shulman, Luke Purser, Lord Fink.

“We know how to work closely with cultural and charitable organisations to find ways to appropriately monetise cultural and heritage assets so that they can be properly cared for and enjoyed by audiences around the world. We do this by organising and delivering high-quality innovative events, creating unique products, and running bespoke campaigns with our partners.

We bring extensive experience in building and growing businesses, raising funds, for-profit and not-for-profit organisational management, media, arts, culture, heritage, education, and philanthropy. We have a track record of working with global brands in multiple countries; we have enviable networks and demonstrable creativity. Our approach truly benefits the cultural and charitable organisations with whom we partner, generating revenue and raising awareness from new and existing audiences around the world”.

Entrepreneurs Universe

Entrepreneurs Universe provides introductions, information and the opportunity for collaborations to entrepreneurs, SME’s, investors and industry leaders across all sectors. All Entrepreneurs Universe events are managed by World Famous Promotions.

“Entrepreneurs Universe was set up to encourage entrepreneurial thinking and to help entrepreneurs reach out to each other as well as have opportunities to meet with leading angel investors, private equity houses and captains of industry.

Looking at the entrepreneurial journey through different eyes can only be beneficial and we are pleased to have witnessed the birth of so many collaborations through our introductions.”